High Quality

We always do the best to provide maximum quality software.

Best Practices

We are in a constant learning to improve our competence and avoid oversights.

Clear Process

Our tasks are efficiently coordinated to form a transparent manageable development process.

Responsive Management

Our projects are handled responsively and in a timely manner.


With more than ten years of experience on ICT field we are familiar with various technologies and possess different competencies:

  • Programming languages: Java, C/C++, C#
  • Web technologies: XML, Javascript, PHP, JavaEE
  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Application Development

Web Technologies

Systems Management

Research & Expertise

Our Services

Technological Research

Finding out the most suitable technological complex for a particular problem. We perform customer use case and workflow analysis, software prototyping and intercommunication protocol designing.

Application Development

Creating desktop and mobile applications as well as information systems and their frontends. We offer full development cycle starting from requirements analysis up to delivering the final product.

Maintenance & Support

Administering server systems, supporting and maintaining applications. We help customers to adopt delivered software and incorporate it into business processes.



Development Process

We prefer incremental and iterative development methods over any strict sequential waterfall models. Even with deep analysis done, we accept that customer requirements might change over time as the project moves on. Therefore we try to find the most prudent architectural solution in order to accommodate such changes with a reasonable effort. Enhancement suggestions and constant feedback from customer are always welcomed throughout the whole project cycle.

Every software contains bugs. Finding and fixing them is not only a challenge but a matter of reputation and self improvement for us. We deliver updates and bugfixes regularly in an appropriate schedule.

Contact Us

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e-mail: info@baltnet.ee
phone: +372 6806272